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Apr. 1, 2024

Considerations for an Effective Outdoor Commercial Design

Written by Open Range Interiors

Successful luxury projects, like our recently completed, award-winning project, The Charles, find the right balance between classic design principles and trends that meet the modern needs of consumers. To that end, we thought sharing a few of our favorite outdoor, multi-family design trends might be helpful.

1. Daybed + Canopy. Nothing says luxury like a poolside daybed with an attached canopy. These solidly constructed pieces of furniture are sturdy (try moving one on your own, they’re heavy!) yet plush, giving occupants a touch of comfort and a break from the sun. We’re seeing these pieces show up in luxury hotels across the US right now, oftentimes requiring a reservation and garnering an up-charge. While you're not likely to surround your poolscape with these pricey stunners, you should consider them as a focal point in your design.

2. Backyard, redefined. Who says apartment dwellers can’t have a grassy yard at their disposal? We love the idea of using greenery to break up your space and create distinct zones. Not only do grasses and plants have a softening effect on outdoor materials, but they can also serve as an effective screen, creating privacy where it didn’t previously exist.

3. Going beyond your unit. One of the downsides of multi-family living can be the lack of backyard space to entertain guests and soak in SLC’s majestic scenery. And while balconies can help extend the unit beyond its 4 walls, these small outdoor spaces are often less than ideal for entertaining. To that end, there’s a huge multi-family trend around creating upwards of 2-3 common outdoor spaces that help residents enjoy the outdoors with friends. A few ideas on how to execute this? We love a small pergola with 3-4 seats below it, a BBQ space with nearby tables or firepits with luxurious, yet weather-proof seating. These semi-private outdoor rooms can help residents extend the party beyond their allotted square footage while also creating an intimate gathering spot for friends. Warning though, while these distinct spaces are great for tenant entertaining, they add cost to your furniture budget, so plan accordingly!

4. Personalize it! Outdoor spaces should reflect the tone of your interiors. One easy, luxurious way to do that in your outdoor entertaining spaces is to incorporate branded elements into the design. While branded loungers and cushions can break the bank, there are lots of ways to deliver a personalized touch without spending an arm and a leg. That can be in the form of custom signage in a highly visible spot, or mood lighting, but it can also be smaller touches like the ping pong balls and paddles we created for The Charles.

Multi-family outdoor design projects are a complex partnership that when smartly executed, can marry a myriad of functions with the feeling of luxury. It doesn’t happen by accident, even when you’re working with professionals. If you’d like to learn more about our team or process, make sure to contact us, reach out to our commercial lead, or contact our landscape lead.