Residential Interior Design

A shower and bathroom is shown with lightly pink marble coverings and cross-hatched gray subway tile. Dark fittings adorn the space to create a pleasing contrast.
A kitchen space is shown with marble countertops and polished steel fittings. Oak-style wood cabinetry is shown with vertical-slatted doors that swivel out.

Where creativity and functionality flawlessly align

Our residential interior design team brings out the best of your vision by blending your inspiration into practical design. Through a seven-step process, we listen to your ideas and imbue all the elements that make a space emanate lasting awe. For every curve and color, we provide precise details that will help your contractor work with ease.

The results are interiors that are uniquely yours, guided by our expertise in bringing distinct styles to life—balancing structure, texture, and shape.

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Our Clients

I love working with Open Range Interiors (formerly Lisman Studio). They do amazing design work and their customer service is the best in the industry. Their designers are fantastic to work with and always prepared. Their plans and specifications are extremely professional and easy to understand. I love their level of detail and professional communication. Open Range Interiors is a pleasure to work with and has a great team mentality to make the entire project run smoothly.”

Solid Renovation /

We partnered with the residential team on a whole-house contemporary renovation and I’d describe our final product as Open Range Perfect. The team came highly recommended by our contractor and worked together seamlessly, solving problems as they presented themselves throughout the project.”


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